Friday, May 25, 2007

Balancing act or out of balance?

In Meredith Farkas' blogpost today she references another librarian's (Librarian in Black) posting regarding presence on social networking sites. She has created a profile on 7 sites and complains about not having the time to keep up with posting to all of them. Personally, I don't understand her need to create all these accounts or her need to update them constantly. Ever hear of "less is more"? I worry that many in my profession have become slaves to proving they are capable of tackling every single new "Web 2.0" toy out there. When do they take time to have a life that doesn't include working all the time? How do they get the work at their library done? Where I work there are so few of us that I have to slot in my time to keep up with emerging technology, etc.-- and I don't get to that every time I schedule it either! I still believe that work and home need separate space and time.


Librarian in Black said...

Those of us who blog and are told we're on the "bleeding edge" do have a separation of work and home. We don't do all of this exploring and reading on work time, so our "work" does get done. Most of us end up spending some time doing library-related things on non-work time (for me, it's 1 hour per day, what with the blog, writing, speaking, and teaching). It's not hard. And I can definitely tell you that I have a life. Our lives aren't in danger. What's hard is figuring out how to delegate time to these tech things: what's worth our time and what isn't?

Pam said...

Thanks for your comment. I agree it is sometimes tough to figure out which tech things should be worthy of our time and which aren't. It's usually a case of give it whirl and see how it goes to figure it out.

Mona said...

Good words.