Thursday, June 7, 2007

Info Commons..Learning Commons

Ok, what do we call the library of today (and for a few days in the future)? Just like Bibliographic instruction morphed into Information Literacy and now, Library Instruction, so too now the "Information Commons" has become the "Learning Commons". Being a support services kind of librarian for the most part, I have found that the relationship I have with IT has always been essential to my ability to get my job done well and to learn from experts at the same time. The Info Commons model blends computer labs (IT) and the library space in one area. It seems the Learning Commons takes this one step further by pulling together academic support services like tutoring and writing centers in with the library and IT mix. Streamlining our digital resources is a priority, so why not streamline the student's overall experience in learning by pulling together services to facilitate learning for them in one place? Not a bad idea. Hey, you might even call that collaboration!